Meet The Team

John English


With more than 60 years of experience, John is the CEO and owner of Progress.

John is rated on more than 50 types of aircraft and having ferried light aircraft around the world he has plety of knowledge to share.

License Type: ATPL/IR (ME)

Industry Experience: More than 60 years

Favorite Aircraft: DaHavilland Dragon Rapide

Hennie Schoeman

Chief Flight Instructor (CFI)

Whilst flying Corporate Jets most of his life, Hennie retained his passion for General Aviation and Training future Aviators. After retiring from Corporate Flying and settling down Hennie decided to join our Team at Progress.

Hennie will be responsible for all your check flights and most of your advanced training.

License Type: ATPL/IR(ME)

Industry Experience: 37 years

Favorite Aircraft: Hawker 4000


Tom Moolenschot

Grade 3 Flight Instructor

Tom is a born and bred Progress Aviator. He completed his CPL in 2014 and since then have continued training towards his Instructor Rating and joined The Team. Tom works on a part time basis and will assist in training you from the initial stage of your training to advanced instrument training.

License Type: CPL/IR(ME)

Industry Experience: 10 years

Favorite Aircraft: Harvard

Richard Tyson

Grade 3 Flight Instructor

Richard started at Progress on the Cadet Program and completed his CPL in 2020. Shortly afterwards he completed his Instructor Rating and joined The Team.

Besides being a dedicated Instructor. Richard is our Simulator Manager.

Richard will be taking you through your initial and night rating training.

License Type: CPL/IR(SE)

Industry experience: 8 years

Favorite Aircraft: Pilatus PC12

Dewald Esterhuizen

Grade 3 Flight Instructor

Dewald started his flying career as a youngster. Joined Progress as a cadet in 2019 and finished his CPL 3 years later. Dewald has experience flying a variety of aircraft and is the newest Progress Instructor.

Besides being the Test Centre Manager and guiding you through your Private Pilot Training Exams, Dewald will also train you through your initial and night rating training.

License Type: CPL(SE)

Industry experience: 6 years

Favorite Aircraft: Cessna 120

Lauren Pienaar


Lauren is the glue that holds operations together. She started her PPL training in January 2022 and joined us as a Cadet in July.

She is a dedicated individual and always ready to assist you in Ops when needed.

License Type: SPL

Industry experience: 1 year

Favorite Aircraft: Van’s RV-7