First Officer Training

In 2009 we obtained South African Civil Aviation Authority approval for the first Integrated Professional Pilot Course in South Africa. This increased training quality and reduced cost and became the industry leading best flight training course in South Africa for the CPL/ IR (ME).

Our new ‘Premium’ CPL/ IR (ME) Integrated Course further enhances the operational capability of graduates. This achieves a superlative standard for graduates entering general aviation, and enhances the transition to First Officer training for airline pilot candidates.

The record of successful First Officer qualification of our graduates is outstanding. The premium quality Italian engineered Vulcanair P68R aeroplane has been selected as the new multi-engine training aeroplane at Progress Flight Academy.

This six seat cabin class aeroplane has the feel, stability and handling of a larger aeroplane which we consider better prepares students for jet transition.

The P68 was designed as a multi-engine aeroplane; it is not an adaption of a single engine design as are most twin engine training aeroplanes. The P68R is the new retractable landing gear version and Progress Flight Academy is the launch Aviation Training Organisation for this aeroplane.

Two new simulators (Flight and Navigation Procedures Trainer level II) are under construction at Simuflight in Centurion. These devices are based on actual aeroplane fuselage front sections manufactured by Vulcanair S.p.A. and will precisely replicate the aeroplane flight deck. This equipment has credit for up to forty hours instrument training on the integrated course.

This investment allows Progress Flight Academy to raise the bar on our already excellent standard of pilot training.

Graduates of the integrated course have a superb operational capability which is necessary for the immediate transition to training for a medium jet airliner type rating. Progress graduates have an outstanding success rate on achieving the type rating for aeroplanes such as Airbus A320, Boeing 737, Embraer 190 and ATR 72.