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Progress Flight Academy and Comair Training Centre have an alliance for an Airline Pilot Programme; the training of ab-initio Airline Pilot candidates to First Officer of a Boeing 737 or Airbus 320 medium jet airliner or other aircraft such as ATR42, E145 or B1900.

This Airline Pilot Programme is intended as a turnkey package for corporate clients who operate the B737 or A320 or other types, as well as for international students who will be eligible for direct entry to an airline in their home state on completion of the Airline Pilot training.

The graduate of the Airline Pilot Programme will be ready for appointment as First Officer on completion of base and route training at the employer airline.

The Airline Pilot Programme has two parts:

  1. Integrated ATPL (A) International Course leading to CPL (A)/IR/ME with ATPL subjects at Progress Flight Academy; and
  2. Multi Crew Co-ordination course, Jet Transition Course and Jet Type Rating Course for B737 or A320 at the Comair Training Centre.

This route has a very successful history of training Airline Pilots for Kenya Airways.

Progress Flight Academy is located in South Africa; the main base is Progress Aerodrome on the south coast near Port Elizabeth International Airport, which is used for instrument training, and a fair weather base located inland for basic training.
The fleet is late model Piper Warrior single-engine aeroplanes plus Vulcanair P68R multi-engine aeroplanes and Vulcanair P68R type specific FNPT II simulators.

The Academy has specialised in full-time residential flight training courses since 1981 and has successfully trained Professional Pilot Course students for immediate transition to medium jet airliner as First Officer since 1995. Our Integrated Professional Pilot Courses are based on best international practice, the European Aviation Safety Agency – Flight Crew Licencing (EASA-FCL).

The quality of an integrated course is enhanced by the significant use of Student Pilot-in-Command (SPIC) time; this is a particularly valuable feature as it allows the student to act as and log the time as pilot-in-command during IFR operations and in IMC with a flight instructor on board, provided no intervention is required.

Instrument training hours in the integrated course are substantially increased above the minimum:

• ICAO minimum for instrument rating40 hours
• EASA-FCL minimum for ME instrument rating55 hours
• PFA International ATPL (A) Integrated Course70 hours

On the International ATPL (A) Integrated Course the student will fly a total of 85 hours of multi-engine time; 42 hours in Vulcanair P68R aeroplanes and 43 hours in Vulcanair P68R FNPT II devices which precisely replicate the aeroplane.

The 70 hours instrument flight training includes 60 hours multi-engine instrument flight training time; 40 hours Vulcanair P68R FNPT II and 20 hours Vulcanair P68R aeroplane.

A genuine operational capability as the single pilot of a multi-engine piston aeroplane is achieved.

Planned duration of the International ATPL (A) Integrated course is 18 months.

Progress Flight Academy produces pilots with Professional AttitudeGenuine Operational Capability at a reasonable cost

Our major corporate client since 2006 is Kenya Airways. Their Airline Pilot Programme includes our International integrated course of 235 hours total time. The course includes 190 hours aeroplane time and 100 hours pilot-in-command time required for licence conversion in ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) states and also exceeds the KCAA (Kenya Civil Aviation Authority) requirement of 15 hours multi-engine aeroplane instrument training time.

Our graduates continue with the Jet training at Comair Training Centre and have achieved 100% pass rate.

The Head of Kenya Airways Flight Operations Training, Capt. Joseph Opere, commented on Progress Flight Academy training:

“The training was completed to a high standard and on budget. All candidates completed their Embraer and Boeing 737 conversion First Officer training thereafter. We have been impressed by the quality of training received …”.

The Director Flight Operations of British Airways Comair and principal of Comair Training Centre, Capt. Glen Warden, reports:
“Students who have been trained by Progress have had a perfect score in terms of successful completion of the type rating on Boeing 737 Classic and NG”

Comair Training Centre

Comair operates the British Airways franchise on South African routes and also the budget airline `’. The Comair Training Centre is in South Africa, close to the Johannesburg International Airport.

The Boeing courses utilise two B737 level “D” full flight simulators for the Jet Orientation training as well as the type rating. The option of Boeing 737-3/4/500 Classic or Boeing 737-800 NG is offered.

The Airbus course utilises an A320 fixed base simulator and an A320 level “D” full flight simulator.

Figure 3 – CTC Boeing 737-800 full motion simulator

Commitment to quality and use of Full Flight Simulators ensures that graduates have a high standard which prepares them for immediate employment as First Officer in an airline.
The course structure is:

  Class Hours FFS Hours
MCC (Multi Crew Coordination40 
Jet Transition5524
Type Rating16461*

*15 hours of this time is in a Fixed Base Simulator.

Airline Pilot Programme

The Airline Pilot Programme total planned duration is:

⇒ PFA Integrated course (international):79 weeks
⇒ CTC MCC and JOC:3 weeks
⇒ CTC B737 or A320 type rating:7 weeks
⇒ Total89 weeks

For further information:
⇒ Integrated course – download the prospectus – click here

⇒ Boeing 737 and Airbus 320 training – contact:

Capt. Glen Warden, Director Flight Operations, Comair

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